New CRM training for Pilots - FAA 135.330

(March 19, 2013) -- Avstar Media is proud to release our updated Crew Resource Management training module for our pilot training customers. The FAA recently announced new requirements for Part 135 operators. Part 135.330 requires that all crew must have initial and recurrent Crew Resource Management training which covers subjects such as Pilot in Command, situational awareness, fatigue & more.

Avstar Media has developed training which covers all the necessary subject areas and is designed to meet the new FAA requirements. This new training has automatically been added to the training library of each of our pilot training customers and includes nine new tutorials we created to augment our existing training.

There is no cost for this new training and is just one of the benefits of being an Avstar Media customer. Our goal is to help ensure that our customer's flight crews have the most up-to-date and effective training possible.

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