Avstar Media Launches New Website

(January 6, 2014) -- Avstar Media launches a new website to better showcase all the training subjects available and the unique benefits provided by the Avstar Media training solution. The website provides an overview of Avstar's cost-effective & comprehensive computer-based training for Part 135 operators.

"We are really pleased with our new site and think it does a great job of showcasing our incredible line of training products," said Tom Ramirez, Jr., Vice President of Avstar Media. "We think the site will help operators understand how our training solution can benefit their organization."

Samples of the training available to Part 135 operators are provided on the site inluding pilot training, air medical training, and safety training. Additionally, visitors can learn about the benefits of computer-based training for both the trainee and the training manager, including learning about the Avstar Learning Managment System and how to use our system to create a completely custom training solution.

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